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Features, Goals, And Motives

Having a child who is healthy, fit, wealthy, scholarly, defectless, long-living, fearless, blissful, and divine. Keeping the child away from domestic fights and antisocial elements as well as from the wrong consequences, avoiding wrong teachings, and producing divine progeny.

To awaken the emotions of the welfare of family, clan, religion, nation, and world.

To establish Abhimanyu GarbhSanskar Centre in important cities of every state.

To spread awareness about Garbh Sanskar in entire India as well as the entire World.

Our very useful books ‘Abhimanyu GarbhSanskar’ and ‘Bharhmand Manas Rahasya’ are available in our camps as well as in the market. You also get materials like Santan Gopal Pyramid and crystals etc. in our camps. Go to our website for more information. You can also download Abhimanyu GarbhSanskar Android/iOS App.

Manoj Bub - Founder of Abhimanyu Garbh Snaskar

About Manoj Bub

He is a Spiritual & Motivational Speaker; Garbh Sanskar Specialist, Meditation Guide, Reiki Grand Master, Yoga trainer & Author.

He is a founder of Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar & Shri Krishna Reiki.

In the year 2005, he laid the foundation of Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar & Sidha Yog Jivan

Holds a record to train 27,000+ couples directly in his live AGS workshops in Pan India.

In 2019 we started with Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar & Shri Krishna Reiki Online Course, & 5000+ online enrollments to date.

He has continuously organized workshops to train pregnant women on giving birth to a fortunate, luminary, healthy, strong, fearless, joyful, and spiritual child

He also trains to save the child from the consequences of wrong elements to society He aims to build a divine generation for a better society.  

About Abhimanyu Garbh Snaskar

In this workshop we cover – Pregnancy meditation, (Garbh Dhyan) Mantra Meditation (Mantra Dhyan), Shasht Chakra Sanskar, Mantra Sanskar, Shishu saurakshan chakra, Antarman Prarthana, Pranayama (Meditation), Maternity celebration, Krishna meditation, the invocation of divine powers, Mothers communication with infant, general exercise etc.

All this lead to help infant protection from genetic diseases (if any) & Normal Delivery.

This camp/workshop is very useful and absolutely suitable for with females pregnant from first to nine months. Couples planning their Child also can attend this camp.

Self-Representation For Pregnant Women

“Garbh Sanskar”

First we have to understand meaning of “Garbh Sanskar”.

Understand the concept of GarbhSanskar at first. GarbhSanskar is something that stays with the child after birth for a lifetime. GarbhSanskar is the training by a mother to the fetus of the art of living life. Things that enter into a child’s subconscious mind through the mother, are realized in the child’s life. A child’s nature, mind, intelligence, the proportion of happiness, good fate, etc. are decided inside the womb itself. GarbhSanskar can be in the form of good or bad teachings, it depends on the mother on how she travels the journey of nine months.

The process of GarbhSanskar is not just a medical procedure. It is a psychological and spiritual process, which decides the future life of the child. The role of the doctors is of the equal importance of course, but they are not involved directly in GarbhSanskar. Although the process of GarbhSanskar from Ayurveda is admired by medical sciences, its role is related to a healthy child and its healthy delivery. Through the concept of Abhimanyu GarbhSanskar, you have explained the process and training of GarbhSanksar. It is beneficial for a healthy child and healthy delivery, but moreover, a child’s complete life can also be decided. It is like a boon for pregnant women. You’ll experience this after reading this book. Not everybody is lucky to be able to attain Abhimanyu GarbhSanskar Camps, for those, there’s this book and 3 Parts of the CD. Many have experienced that the experiences in the camps are like a dream and amazingly effective.

What should be eaten or drunk during nine months, and which medicines should be taken? How does a child develop? How delivery happens? When to go for the check-up? What are medical treatments? Which yoga exercises are to be done? How to take care of the child after birth? Which vaccines are to be given to the child? Etc. appear to be important, but are remotely related to GarbhSanskar. Many books and training sessions by GarbhSanskar have these things. This book avoids unnecessary things and provides only GarbhSanskar-related literature, which will help you understand the process of GarbhSanskar. The process of GarbhSanskar starts after conception and goes on till delivery. The process after delivery falls under child nutrition and Bal Sanskar. We are working on a separate book on this topic. But we are basically handling the topic of GarbhSanskar in this book.

Preparation before conception is also important, and the information on this topic is given at the end part of this book, which is important for people who are willing to have a child.

It is important for inviting a divine soul and a natural and healthy fetus. We can also get rid of problems or defects with complete readiness.

The child is not just the result of physical intercourse between male and female, there’s also the mating of two souls, that invites a new soul. Then the body starts the process of building another body just like us. There is not just the construction of the physical body, but there is a life with sensation and it is grasping every teaching. It carries qualities from a past life as well as from mother and father. It also selects its religion, parents, and family based on sacraments and principles from past life while entering into the womb

Till the time a woman knows about her pregnancy, a sensation of life is already been established inside her womb. The completion of womanhood is being a mother. As if her personality shines and beautifies after becoming a mother. The satisfaction of life is being a mother. During nine months, the child breathes through the mother, living in the child is living in the mother. The complete existence of the child is within the existence of the mother, it looks at the world through the mother’s eyes, listens through the ears of the mother, and thinks through the mother’s thoughts. Its feelings lie in those of the mother. How many times does a mother pay attention to her fetus during her daily routine? But the child is in constant connection with the mother. It goes on accepting GarbhSanskar right from the first day, every moment, and with senses. It is a spiritual achievement to be a mother. It is like a completion. It is the utmost luck in the universe to be a mother, a supreme happiness.

A child can be born, who is completely healthy, without any defects and long living, who will always lead a happy life, will have divine qualities, will do the welfare of your family - clan, and will participate directly or indirectly in the development of the nation and global peace, who will be true to the religion and God, who will be accomplished with art, literature, music, meditation, belief, love and will have an amazing intelligence. Who will be filled with calm, firm, loving, and positive thoughts? Many more things can be said and these qualities can be imparted in the womb itself and this process is Abhimanyu GarbhSanskar.

The formation of the fetus is a spiritual process and delivery is a natural process. Many things change in the life of a woman after delivery. The girl from yesterday becomes a mother today. But understanding the change makes you satisfied with the new life. It is important to follow certain rules to protect the health of the mother and the child and to impart moral teachings.

Pregnancy is that phase in a life of a woman, where she may face special conditions. The health of mother and child, on one side, depends on the health and mental state of the mother, and father, as well as eating habits, lifestyle, thoughts, and other habits that have a direct effect on the child. You won’t notice the time as it passes during this phase.

It is an important duty of the mother after the formation of the fetus, to impart moral teachings to it. So, the life of the mother in nine months should be something to be considered. Nine months are like penance for the child. It should become capable enough in those nine months to perform its role on the global stage after birth. Mother and father have an important role in it.

If the mother and father have a child after planning and doing positive GarbhSanskar, then physical and mental anomalies can be avoided if there are any. GarbhSanskar is important to have the best child in the world. Like the fitness of our generation was dependent on the previous one, the next generation depends on us. You should prepare for that before conception and if not before, then it is important to keep the physic, mind, and soul of mother and child healthy and happy during nine months. The behavior of the mother in 9 months decides the behavior of the child for an entire lifetime. Caring for a healthy would make a child healthy, but caring for psychological and spiritual health produces a child with patience, positive qualities, love for culture, understanding of social responsibilities, and pride for own religion.

Along with the mother, the father’s lifestyle and behavior also have an impact on the fetus. Because the father is the next close person after the mother. Thoughts and behavior of other family members and the atmosphere in the family have effects to some extent on the fetus. But the medium for this effect is solely the mother. How she lives in nine months is important for fetus.

Along with the book, there are 3 CDs of Abhimanyu GarbhSanskar available now. In the first part, some chants are to be listened to by the fetus. The second part has very important GarbhSamvad, 3 ShishuSamvad providing training to the fetus inside the womb and one prayer of the subconscious mind of a pregnant woman providing impetus to her life and maintaining a proper balance between thoughts and behavior. The third part has important sessions like pregnancy relaxation, Shatchakra meditation, etc.

Apart from that, you can download Abhimanyu GarbhSanskar App from the google play store and find important tracks, important information about GarbhSanskar, the Diary of a pregnant woman, etc.

Now something about camps. Abhimanyu GarbhSanskar camp is like a boon to the pregnant woman. Many have experienced it and are experiencing it.

You can read the feedback of many people on the app and the website. A pregnant woman may alone participate in these camps, but if both parents participate, that would give an amazing experience and we insist upon that and also get a good response. Along with meditation, Pranayam, and normal exercises at will, 9 types of sacraments including Matru - PitruSanskar, Shatchakra sacraments, prosperity sacraments, Mangalam sacraments, art creation sacraments, food sacraments, religious sacraments, education sacraments, five elements sacraments are conducted. There’s also training in Shishu meditation and ShishuSamvad. You also get trained for normal delivery, protecting a child from genetic disorders, stress, and fearlessness. In the last 45 minutes of the camps, we participation in the Matrutva festival, and Nand festival. The lifestyle and behavior of the child are decided in this camp. The participants in this camp have feelings about how their child is instead of how their child will be.

The camp is equally useful from the first month till the completion of nine months 9 days. Practise is done in all stages like seating on a chair, seating on the floor, and sleeping. We have a lunch break for an hour and 2 tea breaks of 10 minutes. These camps are normally conducted in an air-conditioned banquet hall of some good hotel. You will feel much more relaxed in these 2 days than at your home and this vigor and simplicity can be maintained throughout the pregnancy.

Apart from the two-day camps, residential camps are organized as well. Pre-natal photo shoots, Baby Showers for those who are willing to, Santan Gopal Yadnya, a Short story about the birth of Krishna and his birth festival, Mahamrutyunjay Chant meditation, and blessings like extra sessions, and other sacraments are given extra time. The planning and budget of this camp are more than usual, so they occur 4 to 6 times a year.

Abhimanyu GarbhSanskar camp is specially designed for pregnant women, but one can participate before conception as well. So that conception becomes easy and if you have any physical, mental, or spiritual difficulties concerning conception, then you get rid of them. A virtuous child enters the womb. It is in a way a sacrament of conception.

Especially through the concept of Abhimanyu GarbhSanskar, it is confirmed that the child will be healthy, fit, lucky, wealthy, scholar, defectless, blissful, long-living, fearless, and divine. All future mothers and fathers are welcome to this divine concept, congratulations and hearty wishes!

All will be well and good!

Jai Shree Krishna!

- Manoj Bub