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Dr. Sneha Bhattds, Nanded

Very nice experience full of positive atmosphere beast confidence and helps to achieve our dream children It is nice gift given to our child for life time. Advise given to every Pregnant lady to go for this course.


Pooja Laddha, Thane

Feeling Blessed. This workshop is beyond my expectation we both parents are luckely as blessed with baby and attended this workshop. नौ महिनो का समय शिशू के लिये इतना महत्त्वपूर्ण और उसकी अगली जिंदगी के लिये इनता इफेक्टव्ह हो सकता है ये पता चला । धन्यवाद.


वृंदा घोलप, पुणे

अभिमन्यु गर्भ संस्कार शिबिर खूपच सुंदर आहे. बाकीचे शिबिर पण पाहिले पण ते नुसते लेक्चरगत ऐकणे असे होते. पण अभिमन्यु येथे प्रॅक्टीकल शिकवले जाते. हे खूप आवडले. जे काही ज्ञान दिले त्यातून डिलीव्हरी होण्याची भिती गेली. आता बिनधास्त वाटते आणि एक मनात विश्वास निर्माण होतो की माझं बाळ नक्कीच एक सामान्य नसून ते इतरांपेक्षा वेगळे,हुशार, अक्टीव आहे. धन्यवाद सर, तु च्यामुळे हा आज आनंद मिळाला.


George Murray

Voluptas veritatis facere quae aliquid perspiciatis nemo.


snehal khomane

A must must seminar for Garbh Sanskar. Those two days were amazing full of positive energy & happiness. I didn’t want it to end. I see so much of difference in my own self as well as in my partner. I am able to enjoy & celebrate every moment of my pregnancy much more. I will strongly recommend it.


vinaya pawar

A must seminar for Garbh Sanskar. The total environment of seminar hall is just unbelievable. These two days were amazing, full of positive energy & happiness. I see so much of difference in my thoughts and opinion. I am able to enjoy & celebrate every moment of my pregnancy. I will recommend to all to be mom's and dad's to attend this seminar.


Ritu Varma

After attending the workshop i can definitely say that it was a right decision i made during my pregnancy.! All the activities were very thoughtfully carved.! It will change one’s outlook towards their pregnancy☺️


Sneha Suryawanshi

Excellent workshop! Recommend for every parent to be.


Shradha Gugale

Amazing experience. Explored traditional and spiritual way of motherhood. Must to be done .


Prince Saroj Kumar

Awesome Experience in Agra workshop and seminar of Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar. Nurturing the Indian tradition of Divine Garbh Sanskar.


Shripad Gadam

Garbha sanskar workshop was very amazing......... Every pregnant women must attend this 2 day workshop. Every necessary sanskar has taken from Manoj sir and getting too much blessings to child. It was very wonderful, interesting and recommendable workshop