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Frequently Asked Questions

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People come from across the city to attend the Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar workshop. Some even come from across the state & some come from out of the state. It is really appreciable that they they spend so much money & time for their baby. As this is a National lavel big budget workshop, we can’t organize the workshop in each & every area of any city. You just have to wake up a little early & cover a somewhat long distance, we can definitely do this for our unborn baby. If the workshop is not available in your city then you can opt for Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar online course.

The question can arise in one's mind by reading the contents, benefits and features of the Garbh Sanskar Workshop. 70% of workshop do not have to repeat at home. It is necessary to go through the process at least one time as long as the baby is in the womb. It is enough to go through the process in any months of pregnancy. And we give training for the part that is to be done at home. Today, more than 390 camps and more than 27000 people have experienced it. Most of the feedbacks are available with us to read. Some videos are available with us for viewing feedback. You can see this on the app or website and today almost half batch is sent by old batch peoples are sending in almost every batch, only on the their own experience. People who attends workshop in first pregnancy comes in the second pregnancy as well.

You can attend the workshop in any month of your pregnancy, even if you are in your last month then also you can attend the workshop. But as early you are is as best as it can be. If you attend the workshop in earlier phase of your pregnancy, the would be mother’s lifestyle & behavior is changed according to the baby. Motherhood is introduced & felt quickly if you attend the workshop early. Likewise it is also made sure that the baby feels no negativity near him/her. Baby feels/gets protected. Therefore as you get to know about the workshop don’t delay, & attend the first workshop which you can. If the workshop is not available in your city then you can opt for Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar online course.

Get rid of the non-assumption that you have to sit for two days. The workshop is designed in the form of as much relaxed you be at home, that much relaxed you'll be in the workshop. Ac halls are equipped with spacious facilities, sitting in the seat below, sitting on the chair, sleeping processes in all sorts of steps. If you do not want to sit or lie down in process, then it is also a choice. There is no procedure that can be stressed on the fetus. And if there are some already symptoms then they also go away. Even if there is any doubt in spite of this, you can go back refunding fees, only deducting expenses for your attended part of session. And it is special that no one has gone back till today. Hundreds of pregnant women have even attended workshop in the last week of pregnancy. You can definitely attend 2 days workshop

The actual participation in the workshop is of the mother's, because the baby is in the womb of the mother. Husband does'nt need to sit in the workshop, but if the father is involved with his mother, there is additional benefit. 1) From the perspective of the pregnancy, the nature and lifestyle of the to be mother is changed but if he the father (husband) understands, then the participation and co-operation in that style also benefits him and it is understood that what is the role of a father in pregnancy. 2) Another reason is that it is important for to attend any Pooja in pairs, i.e. by pairing in some religious rituals. 3) Thirdly, the connectivity between mother and child is created throughout the life, same connectivity is produced between the father and child as it is for a lifetime. But if for some reason a father can not come in the workshop, then the mother alone can complete all the sanskaras. If the father is unavailable, then the pregnant lady's mother-in-law or the mother can participate in the workshop. They also must be desirous to understand this Garbh Sansakars.

No! Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar does not recommended any medicine and no exercise is taught which may cause pressure on the fetus. Many people have a misunderstanding that Garbh sanskar includes medical procedures and exercise and some mantras. The medical procedure comes under "Trust in You and Your Doctor". This is an important part but is not a part of Garbh sanskar. And we don't have so much time to repeat those things in Workshop which are already said by doctors. There is no intervention in the doctor's treatment in the workshop. Garbh Sanskar is an independent and very big concept. And Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar is the largest brand in the universe today, which workshops for garbh sanskar in its original form.

Yes you can. And you should definitely attend it. The workshop is designed specifically for pregnant women. But before getting pregnant if you attend the workshop, there are some extra advantages. If there is some physical, mental, personal problems or defects related to fetus, it can be eradicated. The body, mind and soul are ready to attain the future child. Pregnancy retention is not just a physical phenomenon but it is also a mental and spiritual phenomenon. Gestational should be seen only in a global and divine way, not only in terms of medical and physical conditions. A mother receives a baby as she resolves sitting in the workshop. Those who are struggling to get children, also have to attend this workshop. In a way, conception was carried out in order to attain the progeny of ancient times, by conducting these camps one by one completed the conception process. "There is no debate on whether one would get the best workshop before a pregnancy and then a workshop after pregnancy". Then it is welcome if you want to attend before getting pregnant. While filling the form, write pre-pregnency on the form. So you can get blessings and additional instructions as well.

For any relatives wedding or any programme we don’t hesitate to take holidays.. Then why to when your taking holiday for your unborn baby & his future. In 2 days of workshop your baby’s health & nature will be decided. So can’t you spend 2 days for your baby. In the workshop you can join us as couple or as single also. If possible do attend this workshop as couple only. If the would be father can’t come then at least baby’s mother should join us. If the father can’t join both the days, he can join on the 2nd day. He’ll be charged for the 2nd day only.

Those who can not be attend workshop, they must complete these two courses ie. courses given in book & app. But 70% of the book is not taken in the workshop. The tracks in the app are not taken in the workshop. Book & App they are basically for home and 70% of the workshop can not be read & understood. It is important for the to be present in the workshop to understand it. The training received in workshop by to be mother & father and the actual sanskars received by the fetus is important because of it workshop gets independent form and significance. If the workshop is not available in your city then you can opt for Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar online course.

The contents of both Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar workshop and online course are the same, only Motherhood Festival and Nandotsav, these two things are more in offline workshop. In offline workshop, you are physically present and do everything directly and in the online course, you have to do everything by yourself by looking at screen . But in the city where there is offline workshop, first priority should be given to offline workshop and for some reason it is not possible to do offline workshop or offline workshop is not available in your city then you should do online course. Two or three zoom Live follow up sessions are given every month in both offline workshops and online course. Both of them also get the book of Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar.