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Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar

We are providing Spiritual & Psychological counselling for infertility

Special Attention for 1 year.
Special Powerful Healing Attunement For Couple / Single ( Offline* or Distance Healing Process )
Santan Gopal Yagya /Havan ( Offline* or Online Guidance )
AGS 2 Days Offline Workshop in Prepregnancy Period & In Pregnancy Or Online Course for 1 Year
Reiki Healing For 1 Year.
Festival Sessions & Special Blessings for 1 Year
Madhuram Shaktipat ( For Couple Offline* or Distance Healing Process ) )
Shatchakra Shaktipat ( Distance Healing Process )
Vidya Shaktipat  ( Distance Healing Process )
Samrudhi Shaktipat  ( Distance Healing Process )
Monthly 3 Followup Session on Zoom till delivery
AGS & Other Books 
Shri Krishna Reiki level 1 & 2 Course ( Optional, No Extra Charges )
100% money back Guarantee for People who are facing problem to conceive baby*

*Condition Apply

AGS दिव्य संतान प्राप्ति योग

We are providing Spiritual & Psychological counselling for infertility :  Providing spiritual and psychological counseling for infertility can be a valuable service for individuals and couples who are struggling with the emotional and spiritual challenges that often come with infertility.

Infertility can be a deeply emotional and stressful experience, and can lead to feelings of grief, loss, and frustration. As a counselor, you can offer support and guidance to help clients cope with these feelings and develop strategies for managing the stress and anxiety that often accompany infertility.

In addition, you can help clients explore the spiritual aspects of infertility, such as questioning their faith or feeling disconnected from their sense of purpose. You can offer spiritual guidance and support, helping clients to connect with their beliefs and find meaning and purpose in their journey.

It's also important to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to express their feelings and concerns about infertility. This may include addressing issues related to their relationship with their partner, family members, and friends, as well as concerns around treatment options and decision-making.

Overall, providing spiritual and psychological counseling for infertility can help individuals and couples to navigate this challenging experience with greater resilience, hope, and support. By offering a holistic approach to infertility counseling that addresses both the emotional and spiritual aspects of the experience, you can help clients find a sense of peace and purpose as they work towards building their family.

We Generally View Infertility Through The Lens Of Physical & medical Science, But In Many Cases, Infertility Is Caused By Mental & Karmic Blockages. In Such Cases, A Spiritual & Psychological Treatment Is A Better Alternative To Medical Treatment & Procedures. Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar Provides Spiritual & Psychological Treatment For Couples Who Are Facing Issues With Conception.  Also, This Spiritual & Psychological Treatment Can Be Undertaken Simultaneously With Your Ongoing Medical Treatment.