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Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar

Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar Teacher Course / Certificate Course

Garbh Sanskar Teacher's Certification Course by AGS. 

What You Get:

1. Four days offline training in Pune, Maharashtra. 

Other Option For Offline Training Thane, Nashik, Nanded, Nagpur

Offline Training available in only Saturday & Sunday  & Every months dates Available. Training in live workshop with Pregnant mothers/couple.  Upcoming Workshop Dates :

2. Monthly 2 support sessions on Zoom for 1 Year.

3. 27 hrs of Garbh Sanskar online recorded training.

4. Essential materials, musics , videos, tools to conduct Garbh Sanskar Workshop.

5.  Shri Krishna Reiki Online Course Level 1, 2 & 3 With Karuna Reiki

6. Garbh Sanskar Teacher's Certificate from Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar.

7. Terms & Conditions Apply

Offline & Online Training
Only Online Training

Things to note for all the Garbh Sanskar Teachers:

1. All the content of Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar is limited to be used to train your students only.  You shouldn't be re-upload any video provided by us in any social media for personal branding. For that you can create your own brand content anytime. 

2. You Should not use Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar Name For Your Online Course Or Offline Event. You can create your own name but You can share you have done teacher course / teacher training from Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar

3. For your online course offerings, you need to create your own video's using the concepts of AGS by adding your own flavour 

Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar's & Manoj Bub Sir's videos can't be used directly for your online courses or offline workshops.

4. The responsibility of your brand & client's satisfaction will be your sole responsibility. You have to serve them with authentic, responsibility & with a mindset of service first.

5. You have to abide by the Code of Conduct of Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar Teacher's Tribe for the benefit of all & to grow holistically with a bigger mission.

5. Certificate will be provided only after successful completion of the online examination & online viva test. You have to be prepared thoroughly before becoming ready to serve your clients.

(The duration of certification is minimum 3 months and you can complete anytime within a year)

6. We will provide you our Books & other products in discounted wholesale price so u can retail it to your clients with a good margin.

8. Trainer : Shri Manoj Bub ( Founder of Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar & Shri Krishna Reiki ) 

8 Course Language : Hindi.

9. AGS Books Available in Hindi, Marathi, English & Gujrati

10. Fees once paid are not returnable / refundable or transferrable

11. This Course is not related to Ayurveda & other medical field or concepts.

Let's train parents to gift our country healthy, happy & divine babies.

Jai Hind, Jai Shree Krishna